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NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)

NET is a stress-relieving technique that helps identify and remove unprocessed stress from our nervous system. Unresolved stress can shows up as a "barrier"to moving forward in life, physical pain and symptoms, and unhelpful emotional responses and limiting thought patterns. By clearing the unresolved stress from the nervous system, patients are able to get free from these symptoms surprisingly quickly.

30 Minute NET session....$35

60 minute NET session....$70

NET may be scheduled on its own or scheduled back-to-back with an acupuncture or nutrition appointment.

**For Patients who are new to Sound Mind Acupuncture and requesting NET only, you'll book a 60 minute session to account for New Patient consult time. <3

Muscle Testing for Nutritional Protocols

Carol uses Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), a type of muscle testing, to determine what supplements resonate with your body.  Muscle testing is a form of frequency or energy medicine (aka quantum physics) that uses your muscle strength as immediate feedback telling the practitioner what foods, supplements, herbs, etc your body would do well with, or not. It is a way to pinpoint protocols very specifically to you.

30 Minute CRA session....$35

60 minute CRA session....$70

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Sometimes we need help pulling all the pieces together and making a plan of practical steps to keep moving forward in our healing journey. Carol is here to guide you.  Be prepared to be empowered, encouraged, AND challenged.

30 Minute Consult....$35

60 minute Consult....$70


Acupuncture regulates and heals the nervous system, which impacts EVERYTHING else. Combine with an individualized nutrition protocol, NET, and/or group coaching and you'll change your life.
New Patient Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment.....$125
Returning Patient follow-up Acupuncture Treatments........$79
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