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Acupuncture regulates and heals the nervous system, which impacts EVERYTHING else. Combine with nutrition and/or group coaching and you'll change your life.
New Patient Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment.....$125
Returning Patient follow-up Acupuncture Treatments........$75
Returning Patient Extended Acupuncture Treatment*........$100
*Extended visits are available when more time is needed (decided on
by both patient and practitioner in advance) for cupping, diet and lifestyle coaching questions, and for quick re-tests of supplement protocols. 


Diet and lifestyle coaching coupled with frequency/muscle strength testing (using a blend of Contact Reflex Analysis and Morphogenic Field Technique) to pinpoint which organ systems are overwhelmed with toxins and/or deficient in nutrition.  Nutrition is a foundation of health.

Initial Consult............$100

30 min follow-ups....$45

Group Coaching

Are you finally ready to feel good, every week of the month and every season of life? Ready to kick depression and debilitating autoimmune symptoms to the curb? Join us! Hormonal Health Transformation Groups are offered to those looking for accountability, coaching, and who are ready to take personal ownership and action to take their health to the next level. 
Groups begin throughout the year and are tailored to different group needs so that group content is exactly what you are looking for.
Fill out the contact form below and we'll get you all the details! 

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