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Upcoming Events and Classes

This is been a popular request!  Join us on Saturday, January 20 at 10:30am-12pm for our in-office detox workshop with Carol.

Detoxification is a lifestyle choice.


The "detox" Carol will be teaching is 3 fold:

  • Inform: Where are toxins in your surroundings?

  • Empower: How can you control your exposure?

  • Build: Deficiency in the body leads to toxicity: How can you support your body as a lifestyle AND on an as-needed basis?


Of course, since Carol teaching the workshop, she will be covering her passion points: the mental and emotional components of detox, including identifying and breaking toxic thought patterns. <3


Do you know someone who would benefit from this class?  Bring them as a guest <3 Just be sure to add them on your RSVP so we have enough chairs for all you lovelies.

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