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Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling

Chinese Medicine has much to say about food and lifestyle and how the health of our body is inextricably tied to how we live the whole of our lives. 

At Sound Mind Acupuncture, Carol blends her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, and Functional Medicine to understand who you are and why your body is presenting with the symptoms it's presenting with.  Our bodies are incredibly smart, and they know how to get our attention. We will look at your set of symptoms and use them as clues to get the the bottom of what your body is trying to tell us and then discuss foods, nutritional supplements, herbs, and lifestyle choices and habits that you can begin to address the root cause of your symptoms. 

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If you are unsure about how or where to start, don't worry! Just reach out to us or give us a call and we will gladly answer your questions to help you choose the plan that's right for you.

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